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My Mountain Coop ‘Skaniist’ (Shames Mountain) Print by Roy H. Vickers

This print is available through My Mountain Coop. My Mountain Co-op.

Only 75 of these prints remain available. 


Skaniist (Shames Mountain) by Roy Henry Vickers

FRAMING Estimate for Roy Vicker’s piece Skaniist. Price varies depending on materials selected.

FRAME – Custom Wood frame – $ 200   OR   Custom Metal Frame – $ 100

DRYMOUNTING (recommended) – $ 32

MAT – acid free, includes single custom cut opening: Top mat – $ 25

Secondary mat (optional) – $ 25

GLASS – Clear glass – $ 30    OR    Reflection Free glass – $ 75 OR

Conservation Clear glass – $ 100 OR Conservation Clear Reflection Free glass – $ 135 OR

ART GLASS – $ 170

BACKING – Acid Free Backing (and filler) – $ 14

Wire/hanger/slip stops – NO CHARGE

ASSEMBLY @ shop rate $45/hr. – $22.50

Glass choice depends on the location where the art will be hanging as well as the quality of the art. If the room has a lot of overhead lighting or windows nearby REFLECTION FREE glass is suggested.  If UV PROTECTION to prevent fading is required please select CONSERVATION CLEAR. Both of these characteristics can be combined in a selection of CONSERVATION REFLECTION FREE.  ART’ GLASS has wonderful anti-glare qualities without haze and also offers some UV protection.

Bring this page in with your ‘Skaniist’ print, and receive a 20% discount on the framing solution you choose!