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pat-irving     Pat has been “potting” for 32 years, originally taking lessons from Eva Bebington in the early 80s when her studio was the hub of the Terrace pottery scene. Pat continued to practice, learning from books, and with friends, in various Terrace studios. Her hobby snowballed into a lifestyle after she retired.

Pat makes functional items, currently focusing on her ‘doily’ line. She likes to sculpt animals, her owls giving her the business name “Night Owl Pottery”.

Pat teaches children and adults, opening up the magic of the wheel to new students, at the Clay Artists of Terrace (CATS) Community Studio.  Contact 250-635-7195 if interested in taking a class.

Plate by Pat Irving

Doily plate by Pat Irving


Tea Pot by Pat Irving $60 (matching mugs $22 each)

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