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Turned wood by Perle Kinney (2)

Turned wood by Perley Kinney

Perley makes one of a kind wood turnings from Northwestern BC wood. The beauty of natural burls (unusual growths found on trees) and spalted wood (coloration caused by fungi) unfolds before his eyes in his creations. Vine Maple, Birch, Yellow Cedar, Red Cedar, Alder, Hemlock Burls, and other native BC woods come alive with their own natural colours and unique grain patterns, after they have been delicately sculpted in Perley’s workshop.

To preserve the natural beauty of these pieces a 100% non-toxic natural Tung oil has been rubbed in. For further preservation, it is recommended that natural oil be rubbed in every three months.

Turned Bowl by Perley Kinney

Turned Bowl by Perley Kinney (sample of spalted birch). Each piece is unique


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