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RODERICK (ROD) BROWN bio and link

Rod Brown with his carved fish

Rod Brown with his carved fish


One-of-a-kind wooden sculptures from the wilds of northwestern British Columbia. Inspired by the creatures of the rivers, lakes and forest of this area, Roderick Brown draws on the natural form and our collective cultural influence to create these uniquely styled creations. Primarily working in reclaimed western red cedar and spruce, these bring the North to any space – at home above a fire place or adorning the walls of a corporate board room.

Where Rod (Roderick) Brown lives, east of Terrace, there are several relatively recent clear-cuts, in which there are large slash piles. Rod has taken pieces from these piles of “waste” wood and transformed them into dynamic carved sculptures using a chainsaw and a variety of tools. His vision was to create a series of sculptures that interact and relate to each other with specific reference to life in Northwestern British Columbia.


to view RODERICK (ROD) BROWN website please click here

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  1. 07/16/2013

    I recently purchased a piece of his work and love it, but who is the man behind the art? How did he come to learn of his talent? What inspires him to create his works? I want to learn more!


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