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Rest and Be Thankful (Diptych) by Summer Breeze

Rest and Be Thankful (Diptych) by Summer Breeze $540

Let's Stay Away by Summer Breeze

Let’s Stay Away by Summer Breeze $750

Edge of Night by Summer Breeze

Edge of Night by Summer Breeze $800

Summer Breeze was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, she was fortunate enough to attend an arts-driven high school where she began honing her skills. After graduating she took a year off before starting into university, and craving something totally new, she started her adventure with family up in Kitimat, B.C.  After a short time she fell in love with Northwestern B.C., and apart from a few short trips, she found herself still in Kitimat and heartsick that her time to leave had come. Over the course of the next several years she finished university, moved around, went back to school, and eventually did move back to Kitimat. Initially unable to find work in my field, she decided to try her luck in a local craft fair with some smaller acrylic paintings. That single decision shaped every aspect of her life since. It’s been 10 years since that first craft fair, 10 years of using acrylic paint, 10 years of hiking through forests and climbing mountains in search of inspiration, and 10 years of making my dreams come true on a daily basis.

After living in the northwest for well over a decade her longing to be closer to family eventually nudged her to move, and she eventually settled in Elkford, BC.  Summer has befriended the great mountains of the East Kootenays and the forests and rivers of the Elk Valley are now her backyard. She has come to learn firsthand why so many artists call the Elk Valley home, and why the arts community in this region is so special.

Her life is a celebration of what it means to follow your heart, and on this 10th anniversary of her “art career” she celebrates with every brush stroke on the canvas. As a child all she ever wanted to do was to draw and paint and create, and she feels  fortunate enough to say that ‘that’s never had to change’. Throughout her life,  her muses have been many, but, as she says ‘the muse that is the wilds of British Columbia compares to none other’.

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The Art of Summer Breeze

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