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MO HAMILTON bio and link

Mo Hamilton’s earlier works were wigs made of strips of newspaper, homes made for little people in the crooks of tree trunks and glorious three-dimensional mud-pie creations.

Mo has continued to follow the creative path through out her life. She has explored many different mediums, from lino-cut prints, to large collages, oil painting, puppetry and now mixed-medium acrylic painting. Whatever medium she applies, her inward vision and playful intuition is revealed in her work. Mo Hamilton has lived in many communities across B.C. including Summerland, Malcolm Island, Victoria, Castlegar, Terrace, but she now resides in Prince George. The creation of art has provided consistency through the transitions she has made in both time and place, in soul and in heart, as child, woman, partner, and mother. Her creations can be found in galleries, cafes, and private collections throughout B.C.


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