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John R. “Wally“  Humphrey (1934 – 2001)

Born in England, Wally was one of Terrace`s foremost painters, spending three decades reflecting on the natural beauty of the area. Originally a sign painter, who owned a sign shop in Prince George, Humphrey had no formal training as an artist. He taught himself by studying master painters and by reading about technique. His amazing colour sense is apparent to even the most uninitiated observer. Humphery was well known amongst the artists of Terrace, as a mentor who happily  demonstrated his technique through sketches and larger works. He preferred to have little detail in his work, suggesting a detail with a bit of colour or a line. He preferred to let the viewer`s mind supply the detail.

It is for his sharing that other artists remember Humphrey best. Through his willingness to instruct and model, Humphrey was able to help other artists go further in their own work. Wally was very generous, and kind with new painters who brought their work to Humphrey for a critique.

10 Mile by Wally Humphery

’10 Mile’ by Wally Humphery – SOLD

Mountainside Gallery is seeking more of Wally Humphrey’s paintings for consignment.

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