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Joe Mandur Jr  – Iidgyaa Kauyss – “Our Precious One”

Born in Terrace, BC, Joe Mandur Jr. became fascinated with First Nations history and culture, and especially local artistic traditions. In 1979, Joe met World Renowned Haida Artist Bill Reid, this meeting inspired Joe and soon thereafter he dedicated his artistic abilities to honouring and sharing the style, culture, and spirit of First Nations art.   Through the years Joe has continued to explore different avenues of First Nations Art.a He uses both traditional and non-traditional media to share his vision and his message of love, acceptance and peace. Staying true to himself and his message, you will often find Joe giving of his time and talent to organizations and charities both local and provincial. Joe strives to grow and evolve as an artist and continues to study and mentor with other First Nations artists, as well as working to share his knowledge with others. If you would like to inquire about Joe’s prints or carvings please email –

joe beside eagles on building

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  1. 10/3/2014

    I was luck enough to acquire of Joes original artworks, ” O The Joy Of Love “. An outstanding piece that shows his creativity and his dedication to his craft. Thank You Joe. Well done sir.


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