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Cameron Scarth sm

Cameron Scarth

Kitimat Sunrise by Cameron Scarth

Kitimat Sunrise by Cameron Scarth (12 x 12 acrylic on panel) SOLD


I’ve always had an interest in art and the outdoors. From an early age I connected to the skills of drawing and painting. Once I started University, at OCAD in  Toronto I simultaneously stumbled my way into a job at a wilderness resort on the west coast of Vancouver Island for my summers. I discovered fly fishing there, under the tutelage of a very close friend, who introduced me to the wild and wonderful creature that is the Steelhead.

I have been chasing these fish ever since and spending my summer and fall guiding anglers. The intense guiding seasons don’t afford a lot of time to paint but there is a tremendous amount of inspiration that comes from spending time in these places.

My art has always been a reflection of the other passions and obsessions in my life, but fishing in particular, has been a rich source of inspiration… the moments spent staring at the mountains as my fly arcs over a broad backwater, the way the light hits the trees and reflects the scene on the water, the beauty of the fish we pursue.  Afforded a very brief interaction with that wild creature before being returned to its habitat, my mind is left seared with these transient visions,  a pursuit of beauty.

I’m trying to distill these moments.

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