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Summer Warmth on Poles by Joan Turecki

Summer Warmth on Poles by Joan Turecki Acrylic on Canvas SOLD!

Going Home on the Train, Smithers by Joan Turecki

Going Home on the Train, Smithers, BC by Joan Tureki Original Acrylic on Canvas (18 x 14) SOLD

Morning Light in Olive Grove, Tuscany Italy by Joan Turecki

Morning Light in Olive Grove, Tuscany Italy by Joan Turecki  (20 x 16) SOLD

rough passage by joan turecki

Rough Passage by Joan Turecki  SOLD

golden carpet by joan turecki

Golden Carpet – A Warm Invitation by Joan Turecki $500

fading light by joan turecki

Fading Light by Joan Turecki $500

Pole Fragment,Skedans, Haida Gwaii by Joan Turecki

Pole Fragment, Skedans, Haida Gwaii by Joan Turecki Original Acrylic on Canvas (16 x 20) $250

“The generosity found in shadows and the temporal quality of light compels me to explore moments of change as they occur in Northwest BC landscapes. The appearance of a bear from the shadows, islands shifting in the fog or mountains rising in the morning mist all evoke a deeper meaning, nudging my brush to paint.”
The inspiration for my show emerged from a yearlong collaboration with a remarkable poetry group called ‘Writers North of 54’. They invited me to explore with them, ideas connected to shadow and light. It was a provocative adventure that stirred new connections, touched a deeper awareness of light and shadow and motivated me to linger in the unknown in order to paint a glimpse of something I didn’t see.
“Rivers, oceans, mountains, forests, and islands on the west coast have always inspired my artwork. The powerful, ever-changing landscape in the Northwest continues to draw me outdoors to paint. The landscape allows me the opportunity to explore the internal connections I have to the natural world around me. Every seasonal change in the landscape offers me opportunity to see my world in new ways, to feel awe and wonder and to further deepen my love for this region. When I am painting on the land or water I am interested in the moment of change – the changing light, movement, sound or smell. My challenge is to try to capture that moment in paint.”
Joan Turecki studied at Vancouver School of Art (Emily Carr School of Art and Design) from 1971-1974 and received a Master’s of Human Development with an Art Education Specialization from Pacific Oaks College, Los Angeles USA in 1997.
Joan’s acrylic paintings have been influenced by the 35 years she has lived in Northwestern BC and are found in private collections throughout North America.

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