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Butterfly by April White

Butterfly ~ Stlakam II by April White 2013 Signed Hand pulled serigraph 25/55       (matted) $175



Sandhill Crane by April White

Sandhill Crane by April White 2011 Signed Hand pulled Serigraph 7/55 – SOLD


April White received her bachelors Degree of Science from UBC and worked as a geologist. With experience she became  one with the environment, as she translated what she saw in three dimensions into two through mapmaking. Transposing the natural world honed April’s inherent artistic inclination. Entirely self taught, she draws inspiration from her family. She is a direct descendant of the renowned Stastas Eagle Chief and Haida artist Charles Edenshaw and Haida weaver Isabella Edenshaw. Born on Haida Gwaii, April is of the Yahgu’jaanaas Raven Clan. She honours her heritage as she interprets the natural and mythological world in her art.

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