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dogfish by freda diesing artist proof 1978

Dogfish by Freda Diesing – Signed artist proof 1978  Framed $1200

Dogfish design in black and red on beige paper. Black matting with Art Glass, in a natural cedar frame.  “A.P.” in lower left corner.  This piece portrays a Haida legend of a woman who was carried off by a dogfish and became one of their kind.

freda diesing

Freda Diesing – Haida (1925 – 2002)

Freda was born Marie Alfreda “Freda” Johnson in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Carving and designing since the late 1960s Freda was one of the first students at K’san. Her instructors included Robert Davidson, Tony Hunt, and Bill Holm. Diesing and a handful of other artists were largely responsible for the re-awakening of Northwest Coast art and culture.
Freda was well known among her peers as a great teacher of the Northwest Coast Art. Her work was exhibited in many shows including the “Legacy — Tradition and Innovation in Northwest Coast Indian Art”. This show was assembled by the Royal British Columbia Museum of Anthropology, UBC; Freda’s work was also shown at The Heritage House Gallery; several Department of Indian Affairs shows, as well as touring exhibits to other countries through the Department of External Affairs.
As a past Director of the Indian Arts and Crafts society of BC Freda taught Northwest Coast carving and design to Haisla, Tsimshian and Tlingit students in British Columbia and Alaska.
In 2002 Freda received a National Aboriginal Achievement Award and an honorary doctorate from the University of Northern British Columbia.

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