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Eagle Mask by Murphy Stanley

Eagle Mask by Murphy Stanley circa 1970s   This item has been SOLD.

Murphy Stanley was a man of many talents, a man among men. From a young man Murphy was taught to work and provide for his family just as his father Edward Stanley had taught him. Murphy was a fisherman, a logger, a boat builder, a councillor, a chief councillor, part of the Sons of Kincolith and a member of the Gingolx Concert Band. He was a man who did not limit himself to one thing. His main goal was to look after his family and his people, meaning the people of the Nisga’a Nation. To help start the negotiations for the historic land claims that we are now part of,  Murphy donated some of his art to help raise money to begin the process.

A Nisga’a Master Carver, who was introduced to Art at the K’san School of Carving, became one of the great artists of our time. His knowledge and work ethic was passed on to his sons and his daughters to create, from any medium, works of art. He has totem poles in The Chinese Gardens, The Northern Lights Studio, The Skeena Mall, Gitwinksihlkw and Lax Galts’ap.

Murphy Stanley

Murphy Stanley image posted by Chris Stanley in Terrace Daily July 2008

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