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moose and calf - brown bear lake by margaret trenn

Mother’s Guidance by Margaret Trenn

columbines by margaret trenn

Columbines by Margaret Trenn

nature photography by margaret trenn

Sample of Flora photograph by Margaret Trenn

pet portrait by margaret trenn

Outdoor Pet Portrait commissions are welcomed by Margaret Trenn

Artist Statement: I believe that one of the most important qualities of a photograph is to evoke an emotional response. Although two-dimensional images created by a camera will never serve to capture what we can experience with all of our senses, my goal is to illustrate and share with you some of the moments of awe-inspiring beauty, peacefulness, stillness, connection, and wonder which I have had the fortune to be part of. I am continually striving to improve my craft and creative vision to hopefully bring you photographs that resonate with your soul as well as mine.

Images may be printed in a variety of sizes and formats. Please contact Margaret or Mountainside Gallery to have a print made to your specifications.

To view more images by Margaret please visit her website…

Margaret Trenn Photography


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